AB Biolabs Services

Providing biomedical research tools

      AB Biolabs provides high quality contract services for biology research communities with very competitive prices. Currently we provide following services, and more services will be added when they are available. Please contact us for more information of the services we provide.

    1) Antibodies production
    2) Antibody based peptide or protein detection kits development (EIA or ELISA)
    3) "Ready to plate" cells for nuclear hormone receptor activation assays

Special offer: Rabbit polyclonal antibody service for only $850

Standard service includes:

Antigen:         Peptide or Protein provided by customer
Procedure:     Immunization of 2 rabbits
                     1 injection and 3 boosts or 4 boosts
                     10 – 11 weeks
                     Product: 5ml pre-immune serum / per rabbit X 2
                     50ml final antiserum / per rabbit X 2

Additional services :

                    1. Peptide synthesis
                    2. Peptide-KLH or BSA conjugation ($350/ 4-5mg peptide)
                    3. ELISA titer test ($80 / bleed)
                    4. Purified antiserum IgG ($350 / 10ml)
                    5. Labeling antibody (Biotin, HRP, AKP et al)
                    6. ELISA or EIA assay development
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