Providing biomedical research tools

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         AB Biolabs is a privately owned company that has been incorporated in Missouri, USA. We provide high quality assay kits, reagents and services for drug discovery companies and biomedical research institutions.

         We fully understand that our success is completely based on yours. So we will constantly improve ourselves in all aspects, and maintain good partnership with our customers. We always welcome feedbacks regarding our products and services, and take your suggestions for new services and products that will help advance your research or product development.


ELISA and EIA kits for drug discovery and development research 

      Many of our ELISA/EIA kits for research purposes have been developed to detect generic peptide drugs or drug candidates in treatment of cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, AIDS, and endocrinopathy et al. They include a series of Gonadorelin (LH-RH) analogs (Leuprolide, Goserelin, Triptorelin, Nafarelin, Fertirelin, etc), Glucagon, Exenatide, BNP-32, VIP, Desmopressin, Octreotide and so on.

       We also have been teaming up with scientists in biotech/pharmaceutical companies, or academic laboratories to provide them with antibody based assay development services. With our services, significant time and budget saving have been achived for the customers.

Nuclear hormone receptor assays for
compound screenings

        We currently provide "quick start" reporter gene based assay reagents for detecting nuclear hormone receptor activities. When designing small molecule drugs to achieve therapeutic efficacies, one big concern is toxicities caused by cross reactions of the compounds with unwanted molecules such as nuclear hormone receptors and protein kinases. With our assay reagents and easy to follow protocols, scientists can perform the compound screening assays for nuclear hormone receptors with less than a dollar per sample.